Reaching our World for Christ

We’re privileged to be part of some amazing work God is doing around the world, and we encourage you to participate in leading others to Christ.

Local Efforts

Jerusalem  (see Acts 1:8)

One of the greatest ministries you can have is your personal relationships in and around your community.  The local outreach efforts in Colville and surrounding communities keep members of Grace engaged in reaching out, giving back and encouraging those around us. An outreach program we're apart of is a "needy fund" that's supported by multiple local churches in our area. One church manages the funds and distributes to the needy. Since 1988,  there have been 4,337 salvations here at Grace.

Missionary Support

We tend to support gospel-advancing missions more than "personal-growth" missions. Our focus is on the 10/40 window where 90% of the world lives that has never heard the gospel. 

Regional Efforts

Judea  &  Samaria  (see Acts 1:8)

We've been involved in planting two churches in Stevens County, and we'd like to pursue other surrounding towns where there is no gospel presence.  Unknown number of salvations.

World-Wide Efforts

Ends of the earth  (see Acts 1:8)

Through a partnership with the New Covenant Foundation, Grace has provided the total support for over 46 church plants in Ethiopia, a country in the 10/40 window (the most unreached region in the world with the Gospel).  Church planters receive Bible training at the Kale Heywot (translated, Word of Life) Church Bible School in Dilla, Ethiopia, and are then sent to unreached villages that have never heard the Gospel. For their own personal development, church planters are also required to be married and be an elder for at least 1 year.  Since 1988,  there have been 10,376 salvations in Ethiopia.